The Spot

Los Roques is truly a year round fishery.

Lying the furthest south of any Caribbean destination, the island group is unaffected by the hurricanes which blow between August and October, curtailing the season further north. A great attraction of Los Roques is that the flats provide a wealth of opportunity for wading and stalking bonefish, the ultimate challenge in clear water. Nursery tarpon are ever present in the many channels and in the shadows of the mangrove roots systems which offer protection from larger predators. The larger fish tend to be taken in deeper water, primarily in the cooler months of the year between October and March. Permit are increasingly caught on the flats and protection of the marine ecosystem leads to an increase in the numbers of fish landed. Here there is a real chance of landing a grand slam in every month.


With good numbers of bonefish found and a wide range of other species to go for, with firm sandy flats on which wading is positively encouraged, coupled with the ability to fish here in every month of the year, Los Roques is a fishery that should be considered by any and every saltwater angler. The waters over the surrounding coral gardens are crystal clear, providing fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities.

Los Roques is not only a fishery but also is home to several PADI certified dive shops, which can arrange superb diving for both the beginner and the expert. Several wreck dives and a wonderful array of coral reefs offer a wonderfully colourful diving experience that has to be seen to be believed. Snorkelling is also excellent and the family friendly beaches are clean and unspoilt, offering a day of undiluted relaxation. First and foremost a destination for the serious saltwater angler, it also offers non fishing guests the chance for a fantastic holiday in great comfort.